Sherborne House

Project Description

The Hunting of the Calydonian Boar, Neo-classical mythological scenes and trompe l’oeil to the Hall and Main Staircase, Sherborne House, Sherborne, Dorset, oil on plaster, English, ca.1725, by Sir James Thornhill.

Conservation treatment included consolidation of lathwork, plaster and paint, surface-cleaning and removal of wax, discoloured varnish and disfiguring overpaints, and retouching of losses. A comprehensive condition survey, including archive research and technical examination, preceded conservation work, to inform the selection of appropriate treatments and design of a long-term plan. This project was undertaken as part of the redevelopment of the Grade-II-listed building, and also included recommendations for its maintenance and environmental/climate control.

The restoration work on the murals featured in the BBC Four programme ‘Restoring England’s Heritage’ 2013. See video clip below:

Sherborne Mural restoration from Ifacs Ltd. on Vimeo.

Project Details

  • Client Sherborne House, Dorset
  • Date May 1, 2012
  • Tags Historic Interiors, Wall Paintings

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